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Intro to Wine Aromas -- 12 Aromas to Get You Started

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Start Your Journey to Wine Connoisseurship

Our nosing approach is both systematic and fun, giving you the tools you need to really understand, appreciate, and talk about fine wine. 

To really understand wine, focus on aroma. 95% of what we perceive as flavor is really scent. Aroma is the Crowning Glory of fine wine, the expression of its spirit and character. Understand the nose of a wine, and you understand the wine itself. 

The Aroma Academy's wine aromatics training:

  • Familiarizes you with proper nosing technique designed to maximize the exposure of your sense of smell to aromatic molecules
  • Introduces 12 elemental aromas of red and white wine styles
  • Standardizes the terminology you're using to describe what you're smelling
  • Helps you identify the qualities you love in a favorite wine, so you can explore other varietals that also have those qualities
  • Gives you a great excuse to get together with friends to "study"

The Wine Aromas home study kit contains:

  • 12 aromatic essences that cover the basics of wine nosing
  • A manual that walks you through the training, and includes a guide to recreating the aroma profiles of major wine styles 
  • Aroma strips, which allow each aroma to evolve over time just as wine opens in a glass
  • A scoresheet that reinforces what you've learned from session to session

The mini-kit is an introductory course. Those wanting to build a greater understanding of wine aromatics should really try the 24 aroma pro kit.

One way or the other, after you've run through Aroma Academy's training you'll learn not to be intimidated by that complexity. You'll probably even enjoy it.

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